Nurse Logs and New Horizons

Earlier this year, I learned that the clinic where I had been practicing for over two years was due to shut their doors. When CoVid19 hit, the clinic was forced to close its doors earlier than anticipated. I was overwhelmed by the immense support that flooded my inbox from patients. People wanted to know where I was going to practice and couldn’t wait to get back on the table again when it was safe to do so.

Starting a practice in the middle of a pandemic is no easy task. There were loads of obstacles in the way, and I began to feel a bit like a tree that had fallen in the midst of a heavy storm. Just as I was beginning to feel uprooted, I learned about the concept of a “nurse log”. A nurse log is a tree that has fallen in the woods and now gives rise to new life. I have become obsessed with these logs and snag pictures of them whenever I come across them on my daily hikes. You see, I feel like a nurse log now. Like many of us, I fell down during the pandemic and the experience has changed me. There is new growth coming from what was before. I am very excited to welcome you all to Wander Well Acupuncture!

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