Acupuncture During the Time of CoVid

Things are a little different around here compared to how I practiced prior to the pandemic. What’s changed?

✨I wear a mask and you wear a mask.

✨HEPA filters with UV are continually running

✨Treatment rooms are left empty for at least 30 minutes between patients

✨In addition to disinfecting the table between patients, we also wipe down common touch surfaces such as doorknobs and light switches.

✨All patients receive a questionnaire 24 hours before their appointment to identify any worrisome symptoms.

✨Blankets have been replaced with Mylar “space blankets” to keep you toasty and decrease the risk of transmission.

✨Acupuncture points are wiped with alcohol prior to insertion.

✨Everyone uses hand sanitizer and has their temperature taken before entering the office.

✨Patients text 617-595-1801 when they arrive and wait in their vehicles. This helps decrease risk of people crossing paths in the waiting room.

✨Telehealth acupressure appointments are available for those who don’t feel ready for in office treatments.

The relaxation and access to good care stays exactly the same! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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